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A United States Army supply train passing through Hagerstown, Maryland

illust US Army supply train driving through Hagerstown 1861 loc.jpg

Illustration from Harper's Weekly, v. 5, 1861, p. 615. Wood engraving.

Fairchild No. 1 Factory Building

Fairchild no 1 hagerstown loc 1.jpg

1 Photograph of front of former Fairchild Factory No. 1 Building (also known as Kreider-Reisner Factory No. 1 ). Winged Fairchild logo is barely…

Flying Over Hagerstown Regional Airport

Hagerstown regional airport Bryant Litton April 2022.jpg

Photograph of plane flying over Hagerstown Regional Airport.

The Maryland Portion of the Appalachian Trail

B Pitsnogle MD AT HIS 202 SP 2022.pdf

Essay on the development and maintenance of the Maryland section of the Appalachian Trail.